We live in a world of images, 2018 by Abigail Hunt 

Product Description

We live in a world of images, 2012, edited 2018
40cm x 33cm

£750.00 ex. VAT

Abigail Hunt (b. 1978) has shown at 5 Years, Whitechapel Art Gallery, Camden Arts Centre, Platform for Art, London Underground and EAST International and has written extensive publications for gallery clients, including Tate and Whitechapel exploring interpretations of contemporary art. In addition, her separate collaborative practice with artist Kieren Reed involves a direct interaction with audiences within manufactured and suggested situations. They have worked on commissions for the Herbert Read Gallery, Tate Britain, IKON Gallery and The New Art Gallery Walsall. They have shown work internationally and in the UK, including exhibitions at Studio Voltaire and Gasworks as well as live performance works for Cubitt and the Folkestone Triennial.